Get quick sneak peeks at your favorite stocks, even while enjoying a refreshing mocktail on a vacation!

What we do

Having a reliable tool is a must. Our analysis tools are not only technologically sound but reliably the best in class.

What we do

Our analysis tools chalk the difference between a brilliant trading decision and a regretful one

What we do

Our SaaS approach enables brokers to integrate their services seamlessly with our ever-evolving software solutions

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What we do We create ideas with passion!

With internet and mobile devices proliferating at an enormous rate, most prefer taking care of their business while on the go. After having analyzed all the hurdles faced by equity & forex market traders and brokers, We have come up with unique and simple solutions to cater to their needs.

Stock Market TradersCorporates / Brokers






Stock Market Solutions for Corporates & Brokers

  •          Unique Software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach for customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.
  •          Less investment and more return-on-investment (ROI) through SaaS.
  •          Customized stock market trading, analysis and charting apps.
  •          Up-to-date software platforms that constantly evolve based on over 10,000 users' feedback.
  •          Advantage of the latest technologies through our software platforms.


Software-as-a-Service for Stock Market Solutions

In simple words, SaaS is nothing but providing you our software solutions which are tailored to your requirements. All software development phases are handled by us including testing and future maintenance and the service is delivered to you and your clients through our cloud-based solutions. Thus keeping you away from the hassles of managing the software and are free to focus on your company’s growth and expansion.


Stock Market Solutions for Traders

  •          Do-it-yourself guide through daily trading and analysis needs.
  •          Technical analysis tools on mobile platforms.
  •          Global forex & equity markets.
  •          News from the financial markets.
  •          One of a kind and the best chart engine on the market.

“We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our users love us and why they keep coming back.”

Who we are Meet our talented team

The inception of BNB Softwares was made keeping in mind the functionality of the mobile platform thus, providing a sophisticated trading analysis platform for traders. Established in March 2012, BNB Softwares has been continuously evolving its solutions by tapping the pulse of the stock market. The company has garnered tremendous support from its user community.


The Earliest Team

Mr. Anup Chaudhari


As the co-founder of BNB Softwares, Anup heads the company’s operations. At a young age, Anup developed a passion for programming. His uncanny ability to understand and write computer programs and knack for solving problems has helped him develop many software projects.

Anup has completed his Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Pune University. He has a white paper to his credit along with many satisfied customers.

Mr. Dhawal Patil


Dhawal Patil, co-founder of BNB Softwares manages the business development aspect. His keen interest in trading enabled him to master the nitty-gritty of trading and finance while he was still in his late teens. He is always full of ingenious ideas and has assisted friends with stock market decisions.

Dhawal has an MBA in Finance with a trading experience of over 7 years. He is an expert in Fundamental & Technical analysis and Equity Market Research.

Praveen MK

The best time saver and money making app Till now I was scratching my head before buying or selling. After buying this I just need to Key in Company name and follow its suggestions. Worth paying for this.” Praveen MK

Tushar Mandhare

5 star Immediate support from BNB. App works very well. All signals given are perfect.Worth buying. All the bugs are fixed.” Tushar Mandhare

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